No one is an expert at everything, and your Information Technology (IT) should not be left to someone who is not an expert in the field ... even if that non-expert is YOU! Your IT partner should not only address today’s IT challenges, but also provide real, relevant, strategic solutions to keep your data safe, your network secure and your organization thriving. You’ve worked hard to get your business where it is. KnowIT can ensure your IT foundation is solid for the present and scalable for the future. Our services include:


Technology assessments, planning and leadership provide the vision to effectively manage an organization’s IT strategy. Significant value is realized by safeguarding resources, saving time and keeping business running.


IT hardware and software are the engines of technology. These assets drive revenue, making them essential to business success. We keep your infrastructure effective, updated and warrantied.


KnowIT is not your everyday technology consulting firm. Knowledgeable, nimble and accessible, we care about the core value of the services we provide. We implement the most appropriate cost- and time-effective solutions, tailored to fit your needs.


A large percentage of businesses which suffer from a disaster close within a year. Prevent your business from becoming a statistic! KnowIT can develop and help you implement a recovery plan in case the “What if?” becomes the “What now?”


Utilizing industry-grade hardware and best practices, KnowIT secures your organization. Whether you are a small business with few regulations or a financial organization dependent on compliance, we have you covered.


Find out how leveraging the power of the cloud can enhance your brand in addition to the company’s collaborative abilities with websites, client relations, mail, phone and data storage.

$180 per Hour

Bulk, project, and retainer rates available.

Meeting is Easy

Appointments available at KnowIT Offices, on-site, or remotely.

Peace of Mind

We stand by our work to guarantee a project's success.

Listen First

Unbiased solutions to technology challenges tailored to fit your needs.

At Cost

We furnish products at cost and meet our clients budget.

Learn and Grow

Sharing information and teaching to solve problems is in our core values.

Flexible Payment

As a paperless company, KnowIT utilizes digital invoices to accept all major credit cards.

KnowIT All

KnowIT All

Annual technology advisory subscription.

540.00 per Year per User

One flat rate for access to solutions for all your technology challenges.

Yearly Technology Assessment

Know your systems are healthy and what needs to be done to keep them that way.

Unlimited Remote Guidance

Whenever you need help, simply initiate a support request via email, phone, or portal.

Same Day Response

Get quick answers to your time sensitive questions.

Support Credits

Access to our unique billing model which saves clients 50% on average.

Client Portal

Access the KnowIT client portal to request service, track issues, and document assets.

KnowIT Hosting

KnowIT Hosting

A best of breed managed web hosting environment.

180.00 per Year per Site

A competitive rate to get you from zero to website, fast!


We provide a framework for consistent, responsive, and scalable websites.

Set up

Sites are configured to client specification: domain name, management system, theme.

Add Content

Add all your own content with the provided tools!


Need professional content development and implementation? We can help.


All aspects of the service are managed by KnowIT. Need support? Let us know!

KnowIT Computing

KnowIT Computing

Purpose built computers, just for you.

The Best Hardware

Core components are warrantied by manufacturers for at least three years, many at five or more.

Future Proof

KnowIT machines are designed with the latest technology.

Sit Back

Let us fly: get professional configuration, testing, installation, migration, and warranty services.

Many Applications

Gaming Rig, Home Theatre, Kiosk, Server, Workstations. Windows, Linux, Hypervisor.

Complete Systems

Everything you need to get to work or get to play can be included.

Extreme Systems

You can think it, we can do it.

KnowIT Certified

KnowIT Certified

Technology professional leadership development program.


Access a robust network of industry experts that are interested in helping you grow.


Hands on project work experience through KnowIT partners and clients.


Competitive compensation depending on experience and involvement.


KnowIT certification grooms students to be well-rounded professional candidates that are sought after for their qualities.


Specific academic, characteristic, and skill standards are required to achieve board recognition.


KnowIT Certified professionals are provided with a letter of recommendation and employment reference upon program completion.

KnowIT Founder

What if you had a technology partner that was as nurturing as a mentor? Someone that has your best interests at heart. With the desire to empower you with knowledge. Not only addressing your IT challenges today, but providing real solutions well into the future. Knowledge is power! What you do not know about IT can hinder your personal and professional development. I am Matthew Estabrook and in my quest to help people have better technology experiences I founded KnowIT in 2013. The company embodies my passion for technology and love of people. This, reinforced by unyielding core values, fosters an environment for wonderful client outcomes.

Knowledge is Power

We believe in nurturing our clients' understanding of the technology they use in order to foster better results.

Never Sacrifice Quality

Our solutions stand on their own because we choose quality first.

Order from Chaos

Sometimes technology does not make sense. We help you see through the clutter.

Wow the Client

We have your best interests at heart, delivering the best service imaginable, with no exceptions or excuses.

Individual Solutions

Everyone needs something a little different. By listening to our clients we develop tailored solutions to their technology challenges. With no vendor bias.

Transparency in Process

Accept no substitute for honesty. We give you all the information you need to make informed decisions, deliver products at cost, and provide value-added flat-rate billing.

KnowIT Consulting

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